An expedition with G.O.Ds


In the past, we had taken a few road journeys qualified enough to be termed memorable, pleasant or fun but if there is one recipe to turn pleasure traveling into an expedition leaving you with an array of experiences: social, visceral, adventurous, entertaining and even informative; then Gang Of Dusters (G.O.Ds) has it!

Apart from a Food walk-in Fraser Town, Bangalore last year, the G.O.Ds. Expedition to Bangalore-Kodagu on 11th and 12th May 2019 was the first of its kind for us.

On Saturday morning (11/May/19), we reached our first meeting point at Renault Showroom in Mysore Road and found it to be already abuzz with a colorful gathering and hustle. The environment did give a premonition of the oncoming fun, but there were more surprises in waiting!

Amidst registration formalities, fresh- steaming breakfast, and striking a conversation with a young couple, we were introduced to the experienced team of G.O.Ds. , Comprising of professional photographers, guide and an energetic RJ Amar.

But…then came the surprise. Yes, the useful, attractive goodies and our technology partners: drone camera and walky-talky. I was excited like a child with a new toy. The crowd cheered and hummed as our cute drone displayed its movements and ensured us an aerial and other impressive views of our journey.

Fun on the Run:
With walkies talkies checked for connectivity and adult and children enjoying its presence alike, the thirty Dusters were flagged off. The Sun was harsh, and we kept on surfing on the heat current with regular follow-ups from the crew on our wireless instrument.

The heat might have taken up all our attention and troubled us in return if we were not kept busy in sharing our funny pictures, recalling names of movies from different alphabets on whats app group along with singing on a walky-talky. These were the group games RJ Amar came up with syncing us into the group while allowing us enjoying the ride with our loved ones at the same time.

The information:

Did you know that the famous toy hub of Karnataka Channapatna also houses a temple that worships a dog? We didn’t know either. The crew enlightened us with the particulars of the places we crossed.

Ramnagar the district where the blockbuster movie “Sholay” was shot was known as Shamsherbad under Tipu Sultan’s reign and later Closepet, after Sir Barry Close in pre-independence times. This name is retained in geology.

Maddur, a town in Mandya district, lies at the bank of river Shimsha. The word Maddur means “medicine” or “chemical.” During the rule of Tipu Sultan, the town called Arjunpuri and construction of ammunition and rockets took place here.

Mandya, a city and a headquarter of Mandya district is a significant contributor in the economy as it is a house of sugar factories; sugarcane being the major crop.

Purple Palm Resorts:

The caravan hit the resort at 4:00 p.m., and it seemed as if nature wanted to redeem the heat we endured all the while. We were greeted with courteous staff, welcome drink and cold showers with occasional drumming from the clouds. The wandering fun had found comfort and solace in the lush green resort with all the contemporary facilities.

From the room window, we had a view of nature’s gift. I sat and wrote and wrote and wrote… the trees and plants were swaying in joy. The blindfolded wind hugged all without discrimination. A tiny blade of grass and a towering teak tree looked equally happy, and it served one of my purposes of the journey: to meet nature, our root and get rejuvenated.

Diary, a cup of tea and wilderness: When you have it all!

By 7 in the evening we all assembled in a hall were under the energetic anchor RJ Amar allowed us to let loose. RJ with his witty one-liners and lively music led us to sing, dance and be funny. My husband Rohit sang, and it was also refreshing to see a shy person like him shaking a leg with us!

All the families and especially kids, were a great sport and came forward to make the evening special.

The next morning I couldn’t resist the sounds and sights of nature and stole some moments alone to stroll around the property and relish the menu mother Earth served as the sweet song of birds and bright and beautiful flowers followed by the tasty breakfast.

Quarry adventure activities were organized for the adventurous soul which turned out to be many amongst us. The interested families amidst quick hellos and byes headed to the adventure while we went on to visit a Kaveri river island, Nisargadhama, just half a mile from the resorts and on to Bylakuppe monastery.

Whenever we travel, we do carry back a part of it along. In this Gang Of Dusters expedition, we carried back not only an experience filled with great drive, guidance, and expertise but also the lovely faces we met.

We might remember each other more as car numbers than names but faces are afresh in memory, and the quality time we spent !!

“Adventure may hurt you, but monotony may kill you” – Anonymous.l

Picture Courtesy: Harsh Tangadi